EPRA Regulatory & Safety Committee

What does it do?

  • Examines Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) issues/legislation around phenolic resins, and raw materials used in their production
  • Where possible, obtains a consensus on how to manage these issues as an industry
  • Keeps up-to-date on emerging and changing legislation
  • Acts as the mouthpiece for EPRA members on HS & E matters.

How is it constituted?

  • Currently chaired by Lars Groenewegen, Product Stewardship Advisor at Hexion.
  • Assisted by Anthesis-Caleb Group, who carry out an active watching brief on European regulatory and legislative changes in the HSE area, updating members at meetings and by e-mail.
  • Anthesis-Caleb also prepare draft briefing notes on major issues, organise sub groups, issue minutes of meetings. etc.
  • The Regulatory Committee is mostly comprised of HSE managers/professionals from the member companies
  • Meets 3-4 times per year

In what type of areas is it active?

  • Key Components Formaldehyde & Phenol
  • REACH, including Registrations, Substances Evaluations, CoRAP & RMOA’s, SVHC, Life Cycle Analysis,  Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenario’s.
  • Globally Harmonised System CLP-GHS, Classification and Labelling incl. Toxicology, Handling and Packaging
  • Explosion Guidance (ATEX regulations)
  • Polymer BREF (Best Available Technique Reference)
  • Hexamethylenetetramine