Application Areas

Some short informations

Used to manufacture both Coated and Bonded abrasives

Used as compounds that adhere or bond two items together.

Used with a substrate, produces virtually water-impermeable, protective and possibly decorative film.

Used in manufacture of laminates, paper/glass based.

Used to manufacture acoustic insulation materials for the Automotive Industry

Used as organic binders in the so called Croning or Shell Molding Process.

Used in manufacture Floral Foam (wet applications) - Insulating foam for Construction applications

Used as the main binder in the manufacture of friction materials (brakes/clutch linings)

Used extensively for the insulation of houses and also to insulate technical equipment.

Used mainly in kitchen and table top applications, and also in general decorative applications.

Used as the binder for manufacturing Magnesia carbon, Alumina carbon and Doloma Carbon Refractories

Used as a reinforcing resin to modify the strength and flexibility or rubber - Also used as a tackifier

Used to bind wood of all sizes and shapes e.g. as panels, moulded products, lumber and timber products.