Unmodified phenolic resins producers launch REACH consortium

Four companies with interests in unmodified phenolic resins have established a REACH consortium to co-ordinate the gathering of information required by the legislation. Dynea Chemicals, Hexion Speciality Chemicals, Sumitomo Bakelite Europe and Ashland (UK) held the consortium’s first steering committee meeting in August.

Other eligible groups can participate as founder members until 22 November 2008, after which companies seeking to join the consortium will be considered new members. This could require them to catch-up with funding commitments already made by existing members.

The consortium was borne out of work done by the European Phenolic Resins Association (EPRA), which is also looking at what needs to be done for modified phenolic resins. The EPRA REACH Steering Group has launched a series of questionnaires to identify a list of possible resin types that could be impacted by the legislation. These will be the subject of separate consortia.

For more information companies are advised to contact Dr Eckart Nausch on e-mail: treuhandbuero@dnu.eu.